..and it goes Tumbling Down


Interviewer: “so where do you see yourself in five years?”
Me: “I’m shaking hands with Dumbledore I’ve won the house cup”



you know how in some movies the bride/groom calls off the wedding to be with the person they truly love and then they live happily ever after well it’s pretty shitty that the person they were getting married to doesn’t actually get a happy ending but no one seems to care about it to the point that he/she is not even mentioned afterwards as if that person didn’t exist or had feelings at all yeah just a thought

Lord farquaad will be okay

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Song: Once Upon A December (Piano Version)
Artist: Emile Pandolfi
Album: Believe
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Save this one for a night when all you want is for your brain to let you rest. Too often I go to bed, my body exhausted, my mind unable to stop moving. Luckily, there’s this masterful version of “Once Upon a December” from the (highly underrated) animated movie Anastasia. It’s a perfect piece to guide you to a peaceful slumber, because this music? It’s the stuff of dreams.

"Tom Hiddleston is so f–king nice. It used to be in the past you were either nice, or you were good-looking and an a–hole."
Guillermo del Toro (x)
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He’s not physically… gifted.


smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.


Makoto got a new haircut and all eyes are on him everywhere he goes especially in school and it annoys Haru. It’s just a haircut and Makoto has always been handsome so why are they only noticing now? It irritates him to no end but he’s pretty sure there’s more to it. He decided to confront his best friend about how he feels which he figured out just recently during their night jogging. Haru was worried since Makoto was just staring at him not responding at all! HE JUST CONFESSED! Good god! Reject me or whatever just say something! So he dared to ask, "What are you thinking about?"

Saw this and well… I-it’s not like I think about their confession a lot at night. That’s ridiculous. Who does that? D8 Makoto and his stupid hair